If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your master bedroom or bathroom, you might have come across the term “en suite”.  This blog post is here for anyone wondering, “what is an en suite bathroom?”, or considering whether an en suite bathroom would improve their home.

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Add a luxurious tub to relax in your en suite bathroom.


What Does En Suite Mean?

The French term “en suite” is also commonly used in the UK and Australia, to refer to a bathroom adjoining a bedroom, accessible only to the bedroom occupants. In the U.S., the terms “connected bathroom” or “adjacent bathroom” are more commonly used, but the phrase “en suite bathroom” has been gaining in popularity in recent years.

En suite bathrooms are a popular remodeling choice for homeowners. Adding an en suite can significantly upgrade a master bedroom, and provide additional privacy and convenience in a home shared with multiple family members.


En Suite Bathroom: Top Considerations

There are pros and cons to choosing an en suite bathroom. The following considerations can help you determine whether an en suite bathroom would work for your lifestyle.



An en suite bathroom can improve and detract from privacy, depending on your point of view. Having a bathroom within your bedroom suite enables you to keep your distance from others, and there’ll be no reason to use shared bathroom facilities. However, if you share your bedroom with a partner, there will be less privacy from one another as the bedroom and bathroom will adjoin.



If your partner is a light sleeper, or you love to listen to music in the shower, an en suite bathroom might not be for you. Your partner is unlikely to appreciate the noise if you wake up, shower and go to bed at significantly different times.



An en suite bathroom can be incredibly convenient, particularly if you regularly have guests to stay, and would appreciate a private sanctuary to get ready for the day in your own time, or wind down with a long hot shower. If you have children at home, it can also make keeping to schedule easier and getting ready for school and work more convenient.



An en suite bathroom can also be a great solution for homeowners remodeling for improved accessibility. If you remodel your bedroom and design an en-suite with accessibility in mind, these changes could enable you to maintain your independence and stay in your own home for longer.



An en suite bathroom can take up precious living space if your bedroom is already fairly small. However, if you’re building an addition for the en suite, or have a lot of wasted space you’d like to make better use of, an en suite could be a great idea for you.


Start Your En Suite Bathroom Remodel

If you dream of remodeling your bedroom to include an en suite bathroom, Reliable Home Improvement can help make your vision a reality. Talk to our professional team to discuss your options, decide whether an en suite bathroom will fit in with your home goals, and get started on the design process! Contact Reliable Home Improvement today.

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