Everyone wants to feel the warmth of home but that desire is heightened when the late fall and winter chill starts to settle in. With less time to be outside, we find ourselves drawn to our indoor sanctuary, wanting to be cozy at home, instead of braving the cold weather.

There are many things you can do to make your space inviting and warm. Some of these updates can be done quickly, while others may take a little more time and the help of a professional home improvement specialist.

Let’s take a look at what actions you can take to be cozy at home this season.

How to Make Your Home More Comfortable

When we think of the warmth of home, soft, subtle, and pleasant items come to mind.

Before making any major improvements, consider updating your space by creating a list of comfortable home decorating ideas, including:

1.      Cozy Furniture

While a rich leather sofa or loveseat may be appealing to the eye, it’s not always the most comfortable. If you plan to stay in and want to enjoy some quality relaxation, consider updating to a couch with cozy cushions, a chaise, or even a classic sectional if you have the space.

2.      Blankets and Pillows

Fresh blankets that keep you nice and warm will easily help you be cozier at home. Upgrade your throw blankets to those with a higher thread count or a softer fabric. The comforts of home are also found in the pillows we use. Cushy pillows with new stuffing and warm pillowcases will make you feel more at home than ever before. Add blankets and pillows to your living room, den, and your bedrooms.

3.      New Color and Wall Art

Bright paint can liven up a dark room, but if it is too bright, it can take away from the ambiance of a comfortable living space. Instead of vibrant paint colors, choose a neutral tone and add color with wall art, accessories, or plants.

4.      Transition Lighting

Watching your favorite shows or dozing off for an afternoon nap is hard to do with the wrong lighting. Generally, bright overhead lights can be a nuisance that are hard on your eyes. Instead, select transition lighting that can be dimmed to the right level to not only provide comfort, but to accentuate your décor with a softer glow. For an easy way to soften your lighting, add a floor lamp or SMART lighting and an LED strip along the back of an entertainment center.

Finding the Warmth of Home in Staple Items

When you want to be cozy at home, you usually have a vision in your head of how that space will look. Outdated or worn out items can be deterrents that leave you anxious when you should be feeling comfortable.

Here are a few items to consider upgrading that may take a bit more work:

5.      Flooring

Vinyl, laminate, natural stone, hardwood, or even carpet. With so many choices to consider, which is the right type of flooring for you? There is no right or wrong answer, but generally, any upgrade to a new material can make a positive difference. Have your existing hardwood sanded, stripped, and re-stained with a new finish for your living room. Or, remove your builder’s grade carpet and upgrade to a high-quality carpet, such as a plush style. You can also choose more than one type of flooring. A natural stone for your kitchen may work well with a transition to your living room where you have laid a premium vinyl.

6.      Appliances

It may not seem like a new washing machine or upgrading your refrigerator would improve the comforts of your home. However, inefficient appliances can be noisy, they are hard to maintain, and they look outdated. Appliances that work effectively and are visually appealing save you hassle and can facilitate a more comfortable day-to-day lifestyle.

7.      Reconfiguration

Rearranging your floor plan or adding in new storage areas can create a new feeling of comfort at home. If you can’t get cozy because of a compartmentalized space, consider removing non-load bearing walls and adding to your space. Keeping books, movies, or collectibles organized can also be a challenge. Instead of having storage containers laying around, add built-in shelves to a wall or create a separate area for your favorite things that you can visit as you choose.

Cozy Up Your Home with Design and Remodel Experts

From small upgrades to larger projects, the home design, build, and remodel experts at Reliable Home Improvement can help you achieve absolute comfort. An updated look and feel can make a world of difference, and we can assist you with additions or renovations that meet your unique needs.

Contact us today or call 630-579-6600 to discuss your ideas for how to make your home more comfortable. We will custom tailor solutions to make your dream home a reality.

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