A special feeling fills our hearts this time of the year. Soon, our family and friends will arrive for Christmas dinner, a Hanukkah celebration, or a Kwanzaa Karamu.

The season of joy and giving will leave lasting memories upon our loved ones, so now is the time to make it even more special by sprucing up our homes ahead of these annual get-togethers.

Compiling a holiday colors list is a great place to start. These colors can be used to refine your holiday painting ideas and serve as a guide for additions to your décor. The residential upgrade experts at Reliable Home Improvement can help you incorporate a wide variety of color options. We’ve included five of the best color ideas to build your holiday colors list with a little festive flair.

What Are Holiday Colors?

Before reviewing home improvement ideas, it’s important to have a basic understanding of standard December holiday colors.

These include the traditional colors of Christmas, which are:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Gold
  • White

Additionally, Hanukkah colors include silver and blue, while Kwanzaa incorporates black, green, and red.

1.     A New Take on Traditional

We often return to our traditions because they make us feel safe and warm. Utilizing traditional colors in your wall art, around the Christmas tree, or with place settings is always acceptable. But this holiday season, take it a step further.

Consider updating worn-out walls with a rosy red or elegant gold as a key part of your holiday painting ideas. You can use these colors throughout the year, simply changing your décor by season with a solid base color. Even furniture can follow this formula. Beautiful pieces stand out year-round and can be customized at Christmas with holiday throw pillows and blankets.

2.     Natural as the Earth

Winter’s chill can be harsh, but the earth’s most solid elements will last through the cold. Representing the beautiful pine trees in a green and brown garland, or adding wooden ornamentation and fixtures provides a natural feel. Include earth tones in your holiday colors list in the form of decorative odds and ends like pine cones or chestnuts. You can also incorporate various shades of “hearth colors” into your designs, such as auburn and deep oranges to depict the cracking of a holiday fire.

3.     Winter Wonderland

The snow falling down is a beautiful sight, and you can emulate it within your home. Crystal white comfort is easy to achieve. If you’re celebrating Christmas, start with a white Christmas tree, or select one that is flocked. Gold and silver can also be included around the house in decorations, a painted accent wall, or within a patterned dining room table cloth or drapes.

4.     Gentle Colors

Subtle color tones fit hand-in-hand with the idea of inspiring a winter feel within your home. Creams, beiges, light browns, and neutral colors present a sense of calm and relaxation. Enjoy winter break with peace on earth (or at least in your living room!) Like traditional colors and earth tones, gentle colors can be used as a base paint layer for walls, giving you the freedom to change décor throughout the year. Subtle tones are timeless and can be incorporated into almost any decorative or fixture piece in your home.

5.     A Boost of Holiday Excitement

December holiday colors don’t need to fit into a box. While traditions are always popular, so is being different! Add non-traditional colors to your holiday colors list, like vibrant yellow, plush purple, or pretty pink. Express your love for the holidays in your own unique way, and enjoy the experience of adding new colors to your home.

Your Trusted Partner for Home Improvements

Refreshing your home this winter is the perfect opportunity to welcome the season and your guests. If you need assistance reaching your goals and putting your ideas to work, turn to the team at Reliable Home Improvement. For more than 50 years, we have served Chicagoland residents with beautiful home renovations.

Contact us to receive a professional home improvement with holiday color this season. You can also call us at 630-579-6600 for more information about our services.


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