The decisions you make in terms of where to place your major appliances, and fit counters and cabinets, determine your kitchen layout and the overall look of your kitchen. Choosing the right layout for your space can help you make the most of the area you have. This can be more efficient to move around the space. Exploring kitchen layouts can help you consider purpose, space and design at the early stages of planning you kitchen remodel.

Here are just a few of the common kitchen layouts you might want to consider for your next kitchen remodel.

One-Wall Kitchen

The one wall kitchen is a layout that means all your cabinets and appliances are affixed to a single wall. This is a great space-saving solution for smaller homes and is commonly found in studio or loft apartments.

Galley Kitchen

Also known as a walk-through kitchen, the galley-style kitchen features cupboards and appliances on both sides of a single walkway down the center of the room. This is another great option for smaller spaces with plenty of storage space.


Yet another option for smaller spaces, the L-shape kitchen enables plenty of storage space with cabinets, countertops or appliances on two walls, forming an L-shape. This design often leaves a larger open space in the center than a galley kitchen might.

An “L” Shaped kitchen provides ample space for an island.

Horseshoe or U-Shape Kitchen

If you’re in need of three walls worth of cabinets and appliances, the horseshoe layout is for you. Consider also choosing an L shape kitchen with an island as an alternate option. This has just as much surface and storage space.

A horseshoe or “U” shaped kitchen gives counter space on both sides of the space.

Open to Dining

An open kitchen layout can give the look of extra space, by blending your kitchen and dining areas into one. By combining your kitchen and dining spaces, you can make the area more inviting and make the most of the space you have.


Create wide open spaces by opening your kitchen to your dining room.


An island can be added to the layout of larger kitchens.  This increases surface space for preparation and creates a place to eat at instead of a table.. As long as you have the space to move around the room with an island, it can be a great idea to add one to your floorplan.


The Reliable Home Improvement team has exceptional experience in kitchen design. Consult with one of our insightful team members to determine which kitchen layout would best suit your space, goals and needs.

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