Top Bathroom Remodel Trends

Gone are the days of the utilitarian bathroom. Today, these functional rooms are becoming more spa-like – a place where you want to spend more time. Interesting tile, dramatic vanities, and even bringing in tech are all some of the top bathroom remodel trends this year.

We are bringing together these trends and more in our new bathroom vignettes at our Naperville showroom. Plan your visit to see these trends in person and start designing the bathroom of your dreams.

Interesting Tiles

Use tile to create texture and interest within the bathroom, not only on the floors, but also along the walls.

RHI Showroom Bathroom Black Tile with White Accent

  • Wood Tile: While actual hardwood floors in the bathroom can easily be ruined by water damage, a great alternative is tile floors that look just like wood. This flooring is lower maintenance, only requiring a basic cleaning
  • Tile Focal Points: Using tile, you can create an interesting focal point within the bathroom. In our showroom, we contrasted the dark shower with a white patterned tile stripe to create a visual interest.
  • Mismatch Tiles: Combine different styles of tile together to create an sense of texture. Pair a patterned black and white tile floor with white subway tile on the walls keeping in the monochromatic color palette.

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Add Value with a Sunroom Addition

Here are the top trends in Sunroom Additions

Even though Summer is starting to fade and the crisp chill of Fall is just around the corner, there is no need to give up that outdoor feeling in the colder months. Sunrooms and All-Season rooms are great home additions to extend your outdoor time throughout the entire year.

Sunrooms are increasingly becoming one of the most popular home additions and for very good reason. Not only are they a great place to relax and enjoy the feeling of being outside, but they also provide great value to the home by extending the livable space.

Here are some of the top Sunroom trends to keep in mind when styling your space:

Functional Furnishings

With the additional living space, make sure to include furniture that serves the purpose and goal of your new space.

  • Bring the outdoors in: Combine traditional outdoor furniture like wicker or rattan with indoor pieces to give the illusion of being outdoors.
  • Keep it in the color family: Complement the rest of the house by including furniture that sticks within the same color palettes. This will bring a cohesive look and feel to the entire house.
  • Have a Purpose in mind: Decide exactly what you want the purpose of the sunroom to be and design around that goal.

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Changes are Coming to Our Showroom

See Our Naperville Showroom Updates

Our 15,000 square foot showroom in Naperville is undergoing some MAJOR renovations. We have been working hard over the past several months to bring you the latest trends in kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovations, and more.

From dramatic paint colors to creating texture through flooring, see our progress on our full size vignettes below.

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Home Tech Trends Over the Past 50 Years: 1960s to Today

Looking Back (and Forward!) at the Evolution of Technology in the Home

Reliable Home Improvement has delivered high-quality, innovative designs for consumers over the last 50 years with evolve home technologies in mind. As homes become more hi-tech and connected, we are committed to bringing designs that reflect those trends.

To celebrate these exciting “smart” home technologies, let’s rewind the clock and take a look at the tech that impacted consumers’ homes the most through the past 5 decades.

The 1960s: Showing Off Appliances and Updating the Kitchen

Homeowners in the 1960s were excited about the advancements in their appliances, so much so, that they became a bigger part of their overall home aesthetic. Also, kitchens were high on the priority list for homemakers and technology innovations followed suit.

old time kitchen

  • Displaying Home Appliances: During the 1960s, home appliances gained popularity for more than just assisting homemakers with domestic tasks. Most consumers would display the home appliances in their lounge areas as opposed to the kitchen or laundry area.
  • Self-cleaning Oven: General Electric introduced the first self-cleaning oven in 1963, showing a trend to bring more convenience and levity to household tasks.
  • Through-The-Door Refrigerator: At the end of the decade, refrigerators started to emerge with a new feature of through-the-door water and ice dispensers.

The 1960s showed how excited consumers were to show off their technology and the potential it had in alleviating homemaking tasks and creating efficiencies.

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Home Remodel Projects Dad will Love

Give Dad a Gift He’ll Love this Father’s Day

Getting Dad a whacky tie for Father’s Day can always be your back-up plan, why not create a space that he can enjoy for years to come.  Here are a few ideas for great remodeling projects to give Dad the ultimate Father’s Day gift.

Basement to Man Cave

Basements automatically lend themselves to the perfect oasis for Dad to relax in. Rework this often unused space to create a unique and usable additional living area. Some of the top trends for basement remodels to create the perfect man cave include:

Reliable Home Improvement-Basement Remodel-Media Room

  • A Basement Bar: The essential man-cave accessory is the basement bar. Fit out your basement with a wet bar where Dad can practice his bartending skills and serve up drinks.
  • The Media Room: No basement is complete without the perfect spot to catch the big game or cozy up to watch the newest movie. Comfy seats and a great sound system provide Dad with a great space to relax or entertain.
  • Don’t Overlook Flooring: Basements tend to be a haven for humidity and moisture not to mention the threat of flooding. Be sure to select a flooring that is sustainable in these conditions. 

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Home Décor Trends over the Past 50 Years: 1960s to Today

A Fun Look Back on Past Home Interior Styles and Trends

bathroom remodeling projectsHere at Reliable Home Improvement we are proud to celebrate our 50th year of providing high-quality, professional home design, construction and renovation services. Every project is a challenge we accept with enthusiasm, and our team always strives to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

In honor of our 50th Anniversary we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the trends that shaped our business, and your homes, over the past 5 decades. Today we examine interior design trends, color schemes and other nuances, and how they evolved over the past 50 years.

The 1960’s: Popcorn Ceilings, Turquoise Appliances, No-Wax Flooring

Home interiors during the 1960s featured a number of interesting elements that remained a part of interior design landscape for years. Much of what marked home interiors during the 1960s was held over from the previous decade, while other trends were just making their appearance.

  • Popcorn Ceilings: Although made popular during the 50s, Popcorn Ceilings were the norm in homes.
  • Bold Walls: New color palettes for interior paint and accents included green, gold and yellow.
  • Bright Appliances: Coppertone and Turquoise were common colors for Kitchen appliances.
  • No-Wax Floors: No-Wax floors made its debut in the 1960s and was considered one of the first advancements in attempting to make home care a little easier

Homeowners during this decade looked for ways to make their homes warm and comfortable places as the country continued to enjoy a period of economic growth.

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