Where to Start a Kitchen Remodel

You have decided you want to remodel your kitchen… now what?

The kitchen can be one of the most difficult rooms in the house to remodel. It is used for many different purposes, obviously as a place to cook, but often times kitchens are the gathering spot in the home. You want your kitchen to be functional but also reflect your personal style. The amount of decisions you’ll make can be extremely overwhelming.

We’ll guide you through how to start your kitchen remodel project on the right foot.

Set Those Goals

With every remodeling project, the first place to start is to document your goals for the space. What exactly is the outcome you want with this kitchen remodel. Is it to create a more functional cooking space? Increase the size to an eat-in kitchen? Open it up to flow better with the rest of the house?

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Tub or No Tub: Remodeling Your Master Bathroom

Creating the master bathroom of your dreams? Picking out all the details like tile choices, counter tops, a double vanity can be exciting. However, there is one spot in this necessary room that is bringing in some contention for homeowners – should you include a bathtub in your master bathroom?

This has turned into one of the hottest topics on master bathroom renovation over the last couple of years. Trends have started to stray away from the oversized jetted soaking tubs and moved toward expansive walk-in showers.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the pros and cons of having a tub in your master bathroom.

Space is Valuable

One of the biggest reasons many people are starting to ditch the large soaking tub is due to a lack of space. Face it, tubs are big and they take up a ton of space. With current bathroom trends focusing on separate tub and shower spaces, the amount of space in your master bathroom just got even smaller.

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Will Finishing a Basement Add Value to My Home?

Many houses, especially in the Chicago Suburbs have a basement in the home. Often times this space goes unfinished, used only as a storage area or laundry room. However, this underutilized space can greatly increase the amount of livable square footage in the home. Yet, one of the most asked questions is “does a finished basement add value to my home?”

While you might not get a dollar for dollar return on your investment, finishing a basement can greatly improve the value and function of the home and can be a less expensive option to gain extra living space.

Value of a Basement

Basements, or below ground living space, is valued at a different rate than your main floor or above round living areas.

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Should You Add a Kitchen Island?

Kitchen islands have been a popular staple for the past few years in kitchen remodels. As kitchen trends have started to lean toward larger spaces and open concept floor plans have become more popular, islands have been one of the most requested features in a kitchen. However, not every kitchen is equipped for an island or even needs an island. When remodeling your kitchen, deciding whether or not to add a kitchen island can be a critical question.

Here are a few tips and benefits that islands can bring to your kitchen:

Think of the island’s purpose

Islands can be extremely functional in the kitchen – they can be prep stations, cooktops, serving areas, and storage. Some people house their stove top on an island or move their sink to the island to increase counterspace. Adding a bar top edge to one side can provide additional seating within the kitchen. You can even create a nook for your microwave within the island. Really think through what you are looking for the island to accomplish within your kitchen.

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Where to Start When Remodeling

Deciding to remodel your home can be a daunting task. You have so many big ideas of what your dream home will look like. However, just getting started can be the hardest step to take. Reliable Home Improvement provides some simple steps to get your remodeling project off to a great start and ease some of your remodeling fears.

Whether you are remodeling your entire house or just looking to refresh a room here or there, it is important to always take a step back and get yourself organized before jumping straight into demoing your house.

Plan & Question

With every project, the more planning and organization upfront will pay dividends in the long run. By stepping back and objectively asking yourself why you want to remodel you home, you will be able to develop a solid plan of attack.

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How to Remodel a Bathroom for Handicap Accessibility

Creating an accessible bathroom can help everyone feel more at home and improve quality of life. Updating your bathroom for wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility issues can create a more useful and accessible space for the elderly or handicapped members of your household.

Reliable Home Improvement provides the top 5 areas to help renovate your bathroom to become more handicap accessible:

General Access

To ensure the wheelchairs and walkers have plenty of space, make sure the doorway is at least 34″ wide. Additionally, using levered door handles rather than doorknobs will be easier to use. The actual square footage of the bathroom also needs to be large enough that a wheelchair can easily maneuver around. Also, consider having enough space for two people to freely move about in case an attendant is needed to assist the individual.

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