Stairways to Heaven: How to Make Your Staircase Stand Out

At Reliable Home Improvement we believe it’s possible to make every part of your home outstandingly beautiful. Your staircase might be one part of your home that you didn’t realize could make a statement, but it’s a focal point that we can help you make the most of. From fun, bold and colorful ideas to classic beauty, see how you can make your staircase stand out in your home.

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How to Prepare Your Home for Colder Temperatures

You may have already seen our recent blog post on Fall Remodeling Projects for a Cozy Home This Winter – the post below takes these ideas one step further as the nights draw in. Learn how to prepare your home for colder temperatures this winter.

There’s no one that understands the value of a warm and comfortable home more than the team at Reliable Home Improvement! Beyond remodeling, we’re also here to help you take care of the home you have. Some of these easy tips can help remind you of tasks you’re yet to think of, that can save you time and keep you more comfortable throughout our long Chicagoland winters.

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Designing a Family Friendly Holiday Gathering Space

With the start of fall comes the thought of the upcoming holidays – Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and even New Year’s Day are special occasions for family to gather and celebrate together. The autumn and winter weather can make staying at home with family even more appealing, and make the layout and design of our homes even more important, particularly when it comes to accommodating a variety of guests of all ages.

If you’re looking to remodel your home in time for the holidays, there are certainly things you can do to make your home a family friendly holiday gathering space.

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Fall Remodeling Projects for a Cozy Home this Winter

Fall is the perfect time for a variety of home maintenance projects that will help you get your home ready for winter. Fall brings cooler temperatures, perfect for working outdoors and fixing up your home, an impossible task, particularly in Chicagoland, throughout the hot summer months or the cold winter season.

With a few home remodeling projects complete, you can look forward to greater comfort once December hits. Take a look at the list below for some ideas of where to start.

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Biggest Kitchen Renovation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, a place for spending time with family, cooking and eating together after a hard day’s work. Your kitchen should be a comforting sanctuary, that you enjoy spending time in. Outdated appliances can cause frustration, and dull design or inconvenient layout can reduce the appeal of your kitchen, and mean you’re not making the most of this important space. If this sounds like a problem you face, it’s likely you’re considering a remodel – and in many cases, this is a task that is very worthwhile, with a great return on investment in terms of quality of life. However, there’s also plenty that can go wrong! Read on to ensure you avoid some of the most common and costly kitchen renovation mistakes.

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Flooring Thrills: Beautiful Flooring to Focus Your Design

When remodeling your home, what type of flooring to choose might not be the first decision that comes to mind, but it will certainly impact the overall look and feel of your new room. If you’re yet to look into flooring, you might be surprised as to how many options there are available to you. Flooring doesn’t have to be boring, and we’re here to guide you towards a look you’ll love.

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