Utilize Your Outdoor Living Space

With the weather turning warmer, we are dreaming of all the time we are going to spend outside this summer. We love outdoor living spaces that feel like an extension of your home. Take full advantage of the Spring and Summer months by creating an outdoor living space.

To help jump start your inspiration, we’ve compiled a few tips and ideas to create a sublime outdoor living area:

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Practical Tips for Adding a Bathroom to a Basement

Gravity – the main reason adding a bathroom to a basement is often times more difficult than any other area in the home. That being said, adding a bathroom to the basement can not only provide much needed function for your home, but can also add resale value to your home.

Consider the Plumbing

The biggest concern about adding a bathroom to a finished basement is plumbing. Does your basement already have a floor drain or piping? If not, you may need to dig into your foundation, which can be a big undertaking.

There are, however, options that avoid jackhammering concrete. These include upflushing toilets, compostable toilets, or sewer ejector systems. All have their benefits and drawbacks.

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5 Things to Consider When Moving Your Parents Into Your Home

Costs of retirement homes and assisted living facilities are skyrocketing. And many elderly individuals would rather live in homes familiar to them. Therefore, we are seeing a trend toward more multi-generational living – three or more generations living under one roof such as Grandparents, Parents, and Kids. According to the AARP, 79 million adults or 32% of the US population live in this multi-generational situation.

While having your family around is generally a great thing, the prospect of adding more individuals in a limited amount of space can be a bit overwhelming. If you have the extra bedroom, then that space may be enough to accommodate your parents or in-laws. However, many people are converting garages, basements, or adding rooms onto the house to provide more space.

Whether you are remodeling the spare bedroom or completing a room addition, there are a few items to consider:

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How to Maximize Value in Your Remodel

While you may be planning to stay in your current home forever, the average American moves every five to seven years. This means that every year millions of Americans are looking to recoup renovation costs when getting ready to move.

Being selective and thoughtful when deciding what and how to remodel is a critical element in maximizing the amount of value your remodel will receive. While Kitchen and Bathroom remodels tend to be the most popular improvements in the home, how they are upgraded is nearly as important as the upgrade itself.

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What to Ask Before Starting a Room Addition

Feeling cramped in your current home? Considering an addition on your home to increase that footprint? Starting a room addition project can be a daunting undertaking.

Home Additions are a great way to add extra square feet to the current home you love. From bigger master bathrooms, kitchens, mudroom, and even second-story additions, a room addition can be just the way to stay in your forever home.

When planning your addition, it is important to have your goals for the project set and meet with a design-build expert.

Additionally, having questions prepared to ask the design-build expert will help to make sure you communicate your goals clearly.

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Can I Claim a Kitchen Remodel on My Taxes?

Tax season is here and we know that preparing your taxes at times can be confusing, especially if you’ve had a major project that year, like a kitchen remodel. There are rules around whether or not you can deduct the cost of home improvements. We’ve pulled together a few pointers to help you start to approach your taxes and identify if you can in fact claim a kitchen remodel on your taxes.

Questions to Answer if Your Remodeling Project can be Claimed on Your Taxes

  1. Is this a remodel or repair?

Repairs are not tax deductible. So if you have to fix a major part of your kitchen, like the plumbing for a leaky sink, that cannot be deducted. On the other hand, a remodeling project may be tax deductible.

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