5 Tips for Making Your Home Party-Ready

You are the host for the big game this weekend, but is your home designed for the added guests? Coming up this Sunday, more than 100 million Americans will gather together to watch the big game. If you are like millions of others around the country, the tradition of game day parties is a great way to get together with friends and family. However, preparing your home for the party is critical to ensure you are able to entertain your guests.

In this article, Reliable Home Improvement provides five quick tips for entertaining in your home:

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What Home Improvements are Tax Deductible?

Most homeowners already know that making major home improvements can greatly increase the value of their home. But did you know that adding lasting value through major home improvements can also provide opportunity to decrease your tax bill upon the sale of your home?

Increase Your Cost Basis, Lower your Taxes

It’s important to understand that most home improvement projects are not tax deductible in the traditional sense, but some may help to increase the “cost basis”. The cost basis is the original purchase price of the home adjusted with any major improvements or depreciated. This cost basis is then used to determine the “capital gains” or profits (losses) on the property once it is sold.

Improvements expenses such as major home improvement projects like a major kitchen or bath remodel and a home addition can be added to your cost basis. So the cost of the home improvements you undertake can be deducted from the profit you earn from the sale of the home.

The formula to determine the amount of capital gains taxed from selling your home is the selling price minus the cost basis. The remaining profit, or what the IRS calls the “capital gain”, is the amount you are ultimately eligible to be taxed on.

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2017 in Review

We cannot believe that 2017 is coming to a close in a few short days. This year was definitely a special one – we celebrated our 50th anniversary! Back in 1967, Gil Ducato started our family business and for five decades, we have worked hard to create dream homes for our clients. As a full-service remodeling company, Reliable Home Improvement has evolved into a premier design build firm in the Chicagoland area, specializing in designer kitchens, elegant bathrooms, finished basements, and custom home additions.

This year we have stayed busy renovating kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and more throughout the Chicagoland suburbs. We completed some of our favorite design build projects this year featuring the latest designs and trends for our clients.

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What Countertops are Right for Your Kitchen?

Our Complete Countertop Guide

Selecting the right countertop can be a daunting task. Designed to last a long time, countertops are one of the main anchor points in a kitchen design an many factors go into choosing a material that is right for you. Not only do you want to select an aesthetically pleasing material, but also it needs to fit well for your family’s needs and budgetary concerns. Our complete guide on kitchen countertops will provide your with some tips on selecting the perfect countertops for your kitchen remodel.

Granite countertops reliable home improvementQuestions to ask before selecting a countertop material:

There are several different questions to answer before selecting that perfect kitchen countertop. While that exquisite Carrara marble may be your dream, it might not fit well with your needs. Combining the right design with the right purpose will ensure you select the right fit.

1) How will you use the countertops?

Do you have a big family or small children that inevitably spill or make messes all over the counters? If so, perhaps you need a material that is stain-resistant, less porous, and easier to maintain. Quartz or a solid surface countertop could be the right choice for you.

Maybe you cook a lot and need your countertops to withstand continuous use. Then, a stainless steel, commercial grade countertop would work best for your needs.

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Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving and the Holiday season fast upon us, this is the time for family gatherings, good cheer, and of course houseguests. This season avoid houseguest disasters with our top 10 tips for preparing your home for the holiday season.

Tips to Get your Home Ready focoat rack in mudroomr House Guests

  • Coat Check – Make sure you clean out enough space in your coat closet or on the coat rack to give your guests a place to store their winter gear. This also helps to declutter the entryway – the first impression your guests will have in your home.


  • Don’t for the necessities – Create a station of toiletries, candles, or even some coffee and water to help your guests feel more at home. Take a page out of your favorite hotel’s book for more inspiration on what to provide.

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Steps to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Colder temperatures are coming and snow is in the forecast. With colder temperatures comes a myriad of issues to befall on your home and yard. As old man winter is heading toward Chicagoland, we at Reliable Home Improvement want to make sure you take some easy steps to prepare your home for winter weather.

Here are the top 10 ways to winterize your home before you hunker down for Winter:

  • Up your energy efficiency. Repair that drafty window by adding insulation or caulk to keep to cold air from coming in. This will work wonders in keeping your heating costs down.Home in Snow


  • Install storm windows and doors. Beyond sealing up drafts in your windows and doors, replace the drafty screens with storm windows and doors for an additional layer of heat protection.


  • Clean out the gutters and chimneys. This is the perfect time to make sure all those falling leaves are out of the gutters. Clogged gutters can be the root cause of flooded basements. Similarly, make sure you clean out the chimney before its prime season. Chimneys should be cleaned and inspected on an annual basis.


  • Divert water away from the house. Beyond just cleaning the gutters, make sure that any water flow out of the gutters is 3-4 feet away from the house. Use gutter extensions to help with this.


  • Inspect the furnace or boiler. Avoid the dreadful feeling of the furnace going on during a winter storm. Many heating companies have annual services to inspect your heating system every year before the first cold snap to make sure it’s clean and everything is working well.


  • Reverse Ceiling Fans. The same appliance that keeps you cool in the summer can also help to warm up your house in the winter. Reverse the flow of the blades to spin clockwise. This creates an updraft, helping to push the hot air back down.


  • Prepare Your Plumbing. Check that your outdoor faucets are drained including garden hoses. Inside, note any pipes that have been known to freeze and consider using heat tape to keep them warm. Finally, should a pipe burst, make sure you know exactly how to turn the water off at the source.


icicles on gutter

  • Stock up on the essentials before a storm. Make sure you have plenty of salt or that the snow blower is ready to go before the first big snowstorm.



  • Put away the outdoor furniture. Clean up and either cover or store all outdoor patio furniture including the grill.


  • Check your roof. Avoid costly ice dams by having a professional evaluate the state of your roof to make sure if can withstand a winter storm. They will also check for any leaks that can lead to ice dams.


As the colder months are coming fast. Take these few steps to make sure you home is in the best shape possible to make it through the winter.

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