Spring is right around the corner, and we’re here to help you make the most of your home as we head into the warmer seasons. Spring cleaning is one ritual we should all take part in, to get to those essential deep-cleaning tasks so often forgotten day to day.

Below we have a few suggestions for different areas of your home. Add them to your spring cleaning list for a spick and span home!

Living Room

Your living room is full of soft and cozy fabrics to keep you comfortable – but chances are they’re in need of a clean. Many curtain and drapes can easily be cleaned in your dryer, on the fluff cycle. Add a damp towel to remove the dust as it spins. Furniture, such as arm chairs and settees should also be cleaned. Start by using your vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust, crumbs and other debris. You can also use soap and water to clean leather furniture.


We all know that a regularly cleaned kitchen is important for healthy eating and living, but when it’s time for a big spring clean, there are always more tasks you can take on. Cleaning your appliances is an important part of any spring clean. Clean your dishwasher by running an empty cycle using a machine cleaner like Dishwasher Magic. This should take care of any potential bacteria issues. During your spring clean is also a great time to defrost your freezer and clean it out with surface cleaner. If it has been a while, you might also want to consider cleaning your oven. Time for new appliances? If your appliances are getting old or inefficient, it might be time to upgrade them. Consider a kitchen remodel for a totally new look.



Your bedroom is probably the most fun part of your home to spring clean. Start by vacuuming and flipping your mattress. After that, it’s all about sorting through your personal items. Conduct your own fashion show, trying on clothes to decide whether to keep them or donate them. Haven’t worn it for more than a year? It’s probably ready to say goodbye.



You most likely keep on top of your bathroom cleaning chores, but there are few extra items you can add to your spring cleaning list. Check the ceiling above your shower for mold, and scrub this away. Pop your shower curtain in the washing machine, and reseal tiles.


Your roof is essential for protecting your home from the elements. Make sure it hasn’t suffered too harshly throughout the cold Chicagoland Winter. To check your roof for damage, start by looking at interior areas such as the attic and ceilings for mold and water damage. Now is also a good time to replace any missing tiles, clear gutters and remove other debris from the roof. If you have trees close by, consider whether any branches might be hazardous and could use a trim.


Spring time is a great time to get your chimney professionally cleaned. Cleaning your chimney is important in preventing accidental fires and reducing smoke caused by soot and creosote, which are produced by wood burning.


Looking for more ways to improve your home this spring? Contact Reliable Home Improvement for remodeling and improvements to any rooms of your home.

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