When you are finally ready to upgrade that old bathroom in your home, budget will be one of your first considerations. The amount of money you have to dedicate to your remodel will determine the scope of your project, the quality of your finishes, and the features you can include in your renovated space.

But how much should you set aside for your project? The reality is that the Chicago bathroom remodeling cost can vary, and your choices of budget, mid-range, or luxury projects will influence your price (and the look of your space). Here is a guide to what you can expect from your renovation costs, based on the quality of the remodel you wish to complete.

Cost of a Basic Bathroom Remodel in Chicago

A basic bathroom remodel may be a good choice if you are trying to maximize the impact of your project while making efficient use of your financial resources. Do not make the mistake of equating basic with low quality.

While a budget renovation project will involve using finishes, fixtures, paint, and products that are less expensive and refined, you can still enjoy a very functional and beautiful space for many years with this type of remodel. Here are some of the factors that define a basic bathroom remodel in Chicago.

  • Fixtures, tiles, bathtubs, sinks, paint, and other materials from box stores. Brands may include Delta, Moen, and Pfister.
  • Smaller remodel spaces, such as a half or full bathroom.
  • Basic general contractor services, or a DIY approach.
  • A cosmetic upgrade that only affects features such as paint and fixtures.

Depending upon the approach you choose for your bathroom remodel, you can expect to pay between $3,500 and $10,000 for a basic project.

You may be able to complete your project at the lower end if you pick a DIY approach, but you should be aware of the hazards of undertaking a project that can become quite time-consuming (and expensive, if you make a mistake that requires bringing in a professional to repair).

You may also be able to remodel a larger bathroom space for a basic budget price, but you may have to compromise on the extent of the project, or on the quality of the materials you select.

Cost of a Mid-Range Bathroom Remodel in Chicago

A modern tub in a newly renovated bathroom

A mid-range bathroom remodel in Chicago involves selecting fixtures and finishes, including paint, tubs, toilets, and faucets that can still be found in many home supply stores, but that are known for a higher level of quality and efficiency than basic materials. Brands you may want to consider for this level of a remodel include American Standard or Signature Hardware.

Mid-grade bathroom remodels generally achieve an appealing balance between beauty and affordability, functionality and cost. Here are a few of the common characteristics of this type of remodel:

  • Rip and replace projects that maintain the layout and plumbing of the original space
  • Larger remodel spaces, and those involving primary suites
  • Basic general contractor services or some help with designing the space before building begins

If you choose to complete a mid-grade remodel, you should expect to enjoy a beautiful, functional bathroom that includes at least some of the special features you are dreaming of in your space. You should plan on a cost of around $10,000.

You may be able to create a more luxury feel with a mid-grade budget if you are renovating a smaller space or doing a cosmetic upgrade that leaves you more resources to invest in luxury finishes and fixtures for your space.

Cost of a Luxury Bathroom Remodel in Chicago

A white ceramic bathtub in a modern and stylish bathroom.

Luxury bathroom remodels utilize the most services and the highest-quality materials to create a bathroom that has all the features, beauty, and pampering that you can imagine. As a result, this type of project also tends to cost the most in the Chicago area. Here are some of the characteristics of a luxury bathroom remodel in Chicago:

  • Custom features, finishes, and fixtures
  • Gut projects that rework the layout and plumbing of the space
  • Large bathrooms
  • Design and build services

If you are dreaming of a luxury space for your next bathroom project, you should plan to spend between $27,000 and $77,000.

All in all, the average Chicago bathroom remodeling cost is about $13,484. If you are looking for high-quality remodels that are sensitive to your budget, consider Reliable Home Improvement. With more than 50 years of experience, we are committed to bringing your spaces to life with fast, efficient, and high-quality services designed for you.

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