Eco-friendly design is getting ever-more popular. As environmental awareness increases home owners are starting to take action! But how do you design an eco-friendly home? The bathroom is one of the most essential, and easiest places to start. Here are a few top tips for design ideas and fixtures that will help you do your bit for our planet.

Save Water at Shower Time

A low-flow shower head can make a huge difference in terms of how much water is used and wasted every time you take a shower. A low-flow shower head can consume up to 2 gallons less per minute – this choice can certainly make more than a little difference. With a well-designed model, it’s likely you won’t even notice the difference.

Also consider low-flow sink faucets. Save money on your water bill and save water with every wash.

Close up of faucet

Shower and faucet choices are key to saving water

Keep the Air Clean

A good bathroom exhaust fan can make more difference than you might imagine. A bathroom fan can help prevent the growth of mold and mildew. If your bathroom is mold-free, you won’t need to use the same kind of harsh chemicals while cleaning. In multiple ways this therefore keeps the air you and your family breathe healthier.

Water-Conserving Toilets

You might be surprised to learn that in many homes, the toilet is responsible for a third of water usage. An eco-friendly, water-saving toilet makes a difference with every flush. Another option is to install a dual flush toilet, with the option to use more or less water as required.

blue and gray bathroom

A dual flush toilet can help save water

Under-Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating might seem like a luxury, but it can also help the environment by reducing your energy consumption, in turn reducing your energy bill. The power needed to heat the floor is minimal.

Make the Most of Natural Light

In many cases, 40% of the energy a home uses goes to lighting. Make the most of natural lighting so that artificial lighting isn’t necessary as often. Skylights and sun tunnels are perfect for brightening bathrooms while retaining privacy. Natural lighting is also helpful for applying makeup, shaving and other similar tasks. Including plenty of windows in your design will not only increase natural light but opening them up will increase airflow. As artificial lighting will still be necessary at night, consider LED lighting to keep energy usage low.

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