We hope you enjoyed our blog post last week on Home Décor Trends 2020. This week we help you complete the look with 2020 furniture trends!

Furniture Trends

These general furniture trends can be followed throughout the home for overall guidance on how to select key pieces for 2020.

Sustainable Furniture

2020 calls for beautiful natural materials to be used, particularly those which are sustainable. This furniture trend will help you feel good about your purchases and help the environment too! Sustainably grown bamboo, wood, rattan and even recycled materials will be popular furniture materials in 2020. Repurposing is another popular furniture trend.

Masculine Patterns, Colors and Textures

Typically masculine patterns, fabrics and colors will be seen in many furniture trends for 2020 and decorating trends for 2020. Think industrial style design, denim, neutral colors and blues, leathers and strong materials.

rustic wet bar with wine rack

Strong wood gives this kitchen a masculine feel 

European Style

European furniture styles are becoming more popular. Look out for furniture pieces showing signs of German or Italian influence, including couches with elegant sloping arms.

Bedroom Furniture Trends

The following trends are best for bedrooms – but if you love the look, use it throughout your home!

Canopy Beds

A canopy bed is perhaps a luxury you thought you’d never see in your own home, but modern canopy beds are practical, and luxurious. If you have a large bedroom that won’t be overwhelmed by its frame, a canopy bed could be the perfect purchase for your bedroom this year. Not sure if a canopy bed is for you? Upholstered beds are also popular this year – think soft velvet, or masculine leather.

Unique Metal Furniture

Standalone, unique metal furniture can meet the demands of multiple furniture trends, including the industrial style and masculine textures mentioned above. If you would like to include a statement piece that won’t overwhelm your overall look, consider a bedside cabinet for the bedroom, or a small coffee table in your living room.

Living Room Furniture Trends

The following living room furniture trends will help you showcase your new style in a space often shared with guests, family and friends.

Curved Sofas

Furniture trends this year nod to the 60s and 70s with curved sofas. Choose a curved sofa in a color and material that fits with decorating trends for 2020, to stay in the present.

Finished gray basement

This year prioritize comfort and style

Wicker Furniture

You might be surprised to see wicker furniture listed under living room furniture trends, when it is so often associated with summer time, and porch or deck living. This year there is plenty of wicker and rattan furniture to choose from, and it is very much a furniture trend that will be seen throughout the home. Think wicker chairs, tables, storage, lighting and more.

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