The new year is here, and we’re excited to share with you some of the most anticipated home décor trends of 2020.


2020 Home Décor Trends

This list includes some of the trends that we can’t wait to see and be a part of creating! Read on for 2020 home décor trends inspiration.


The Danish term ‘hygge’, represents the idea of comfort, coziness and contentment. Comfortable style, including soft fabrics and decluttered surroundings will remain on trend for 2020.

Vintage Pieces

As ironic as it might sound, we suggest that as the new year roles in you decorate your home with a nod to the past. Vintage accents are very popular this year. However, just a touch of the vintage style is what you’re aiming for. A couple of pieces or a single vintage piece in each room is enough to show appreciation for vintage style without it becoming too dominant a presence.

Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper is back in fashion, with a modern twist. Flower patterns are now bigger and bolder. Metallic finish wallpaper is another 2020 home décor trend twist on this trend. Think pretty bedrooms and bathrooms, and try stick-on wallpaper to get the look temporarily.


Home Décor Color Trends

Home décor color trends are some of the most exciting trends to follow. Painting, and accessorizing with on-trend colored items are easy ways to update your home to follow 2020 home décor trends, and home décor color trends.


Our biggest indication of home décor color trends is of course, the Pantone Color of the Year, which this year is Classic Blue. Classic blue is a sophisticated navy blue shade, versatile enough to be used in large spaces, and yet different to the most common, neutral shades we see on most walls day to day.


Black will remain a popular color this year, particularly when contrasted with white. This contrast will also be popular in furniture design, for example a singular piece featuring wood tones that are both dark and light. Home design that makes use of black in striking contrast meets the demands of home décor color trends this year.

Colorful Cabinets

You can make an even bolder change in the kitchen by choosing colorful cabinets. Primary colors are a popular choice for this bold move, and it’s likely we’ll see plenty of trend followers choosing navy blue. This is one 2020 home décor trend we’re excited to see.

Earthy Tones

2020 brings with it a newfound appreciation for the beauty of patina, the natural green and brown colors found on aged metals thanks to oxidation. These colors are part of 2020 home décor trends, as are other earthy colors, earthenware, terracotta and clay.


Interior Design Trends 2020

The following interior design trends include the finishing touches to perfect your home for 2020.

Patterned Tiles

Spanish inspired tiles featuring geometric patterns are a very popular home décor trend for 2020. Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, this is also a great way to add aforementioned contrasting colors including black and white, to your home.

Art Collection

Antique artworks are the perfect way to complete your 2020 look. Art can bring character to a home, and antique art in particular can add those subtle vintage vibes previously mentioned as so key for meeting home décor trends 2020.

Freestanding Tubs

This interior design trend became popular in 2019. If you have a larger bathroom with plenty of space to make use of, a freestanding tub can add elegance, sophistication and a little luxury to your bathroom.

Modern white master bathroom

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