With COVID-19 still prevalent, many of us are looking for ways to enjoy the summer without going too far from home. A beautiful deck or patio could help you do just that. Get ready to truly appreciate the beauty in your own back yard, with our patio and deck ideas.

Remodeled covered patio with TV and fireplace

Deck vs Patio

There are some subtle differences between a deck and a patio. A patio is a paved area for seating or socializing that is flat to the ground. It can be situated anywhere on your property, to enable you to enjoy your garden and get the best view possible, or stay close to the convenience of your home.

A deck is typically attached to your home, and is usually raised. A deck is usually covered with a roof and will look like part of, or an addition to, your home.

The following deck ideas and patio ideas can be incorporated into either deck or patio design.

Choose a Pergola

A timeless deck idea, a pergola stands tall with classic columns. A pergola can make a beautiful covering for a deck or patio, offering shade with sophisticated style. Pergolas can stand alone, or next to your home.

Choose Natural Materials

This deck idea is about choosing the right materials for your new structure. Building a deck with natural materials like wood and stone can help your design to fit in with its outdoor surroundings. If you are building a deck that is attached to your home, your remodeling team can also ensure it looks perfect with the existing design of your home.

Choose Planters

Edging your deck or patio area with planters is a great patio idea to add color to your design and make the most of natural beauty. Carefully select flowers and plants depending on how and when they bloom, with green foliage to maintain beauty year round.

A Place to Grill

If you love to cook outside, this deck idea is for you! Build a patio or deck with your intention to grill out in mind. Consider whether you need your deck and patio space to be big enough to accommodate guests. Ensure your deck has space for your grill, storage and seating.

Add a Fire Pit

A fire pit is one patio idea that will help you use your new space year round. If safe to do so, adding a fire pit to your patio design can mean the space is used long into the evening and throughout the cooler fall months, as you now have a source of warmth. There’s nothing like gathering around the fire for good conversation, food and drinks.

Build a Living Wall

A living wall can be a beautiful deck or patio idea. Use planters or climbing plants to create a living wall, for patio privacy that blends in with your outdoor surroundings.

Depending on your location, some of the most popular plants to choose to create a living wall include ferns, sedges, and green leafy plants. Ivy geraniums and lesser periwinkles are great options for a pop of color.

Cover a Concrete Patio with a New Deck

If you have an old concrete patio you no longer love the look of, it is possible to turn this into a beautiful seating area once again. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to build a simple, low deck over the concrete patio.

Build a Sunroom

Perhaps you want to see outside without necessarily being outside. A sunroom can help you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors year round, whatever the weather. A sunroom is an indoor home addition, with large windows to let the light and beauty of outside in.


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