Smart home technology is designed to give you control of your home from a mobile app or device, to make your day to day more comfortable and convenient.


Advantages of Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is set to improve and become more popular. Here are just a few reasons why so many people are keen to integrate smart home technology into their homes.


Manage Smart Home Technology from a Single Device

One of the great things about smart home technology is that everything is connected. If you choose to get a smart fridge, a smart stove and a smart security system, you’ll be able to manage them all from the same device, at home or away. Learning to use a single app and adding new smart technologies to it should be a simple process.


Improve Home Security with Smart Home Technology

With surveillance cameras, motion detectors and automated door locks available, smart home technology can vastly improve your home security. Smart home security can also bring peace of mind – you can check your home is secure for the night from the comfort of your bedroom, or from a hotel room half way around the world. You can even check who is at your front door before going to answer it. Monitor activities and set alerts so that you can keep an eye on your home no matter where you are.

craftsman style front door

You can check who is at your door with smart home security systems


Improve Comfort and Convenience with Smart Technologies

Smart home technology not only enables you to monitor your home when you’re away, but you can also make changes from afar. Turn the oven on to heat up before you drive home from work, turn the heat up on an unexpectedly cold day, and forget worrying about whether you’ve left the lights on – just check, and turn them on or off as you desire. Smart home technology can even help you save energy, with motorized shades programmed to shut at night, lights that turn off when you leave the room, and smart thermostats that can suggest energy efficient settings. Smart home appliances can also eliminate daily hassles and stressors – a smart oven, for example, can prevent you from over-cooking your favorite dish.


Smart Home Technology and Accessibility

For anyone able to speak, clap or use a mobile device, smart technologies have the potential to make day to day tasks easier. If you or a family member struggles with walking or reaching, smart home technology can make a huge impact. In these circumstances, being able to turn on a lamp or use other electronics with a simple command can improve quality of life and create a safer environment.

Smart home technology can also help older family members stay at home for longer. Perhaps your parents love their own space but you fear for their safety. Even if they don’t have the technology proficiency necessary to use smart technologies, it can help you check in on them from afar, with smart home security systems available, and even smart stoves that send alerts when burners are left on.

Make your home more comfortable and accessible by combining smart home technology with other accessible home design ideas.


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