If you’re looking for a better way to enjoy your back yard while protected from the elements, it’s likely a sunroom is at the top of your list of home remodeling possibilities. A sunroom can give your home a little spot of summer, a tropical room purely for your enjoyment. But, as with any home improvement project, it’s always wise to consider the pros and cons of the investment.

Should I Choose a 3-Season or 4-Season Sunroom Addition?

Your first decision is between a 3-season sunroom and a 4-season sunroom.

If you only intend to use the sun room throughout the summer, a 3-season sunroom will work for you. A 3-season sunroom is completely surrounded by single pain glass, and is cheaper and easier to construct. Crafting a 4-season sunroom is a more complex project, as an actual extension of your home. This means it’s a more costly investment but will be usable year-round.

Enjoy the outdoors with a sunroom addition

Building a Sunroom: Pros


  • Building a sunroom can be affordable. It is likely to be more cost-effective than building another kind of home addition, and is likely to be easier and less expensive to maintain.
  • A 3-season sunroom would be the most affordable option, but even a small 4-season sunroom may cost less than you think.
  • The size of your new sunroom may make more of a difference to the cost than you expect.


Natural Light

  • Sunrooms always involve large windows, to let the light in and create a summery feel.
  • The extra natural light entering your home could help reduce the cost of electric in your home.
  • Flooding a room with natural light can also help a room seem larger than it is.



  • Your sunroom will allow for endless possibilities.
  • A sunroom can also act as an extra sitting room, games room or TV room. Do you have a particular hobby you love? Make this new space a beautiful place to enjoy your favorite leisure activities.

Opt for a Four Seasons room to enjoy the space all year round.

Building a Sunroom: Cons


  • Although building a sunroom may be relatively cost effective in comparison to other home additions, it is still an investment.
  • Be sure to budget ahead of time.
  • A larger sunroom space will cost more money.
  • A 4-season sunroom will cost more than a 3-season sunroom.
  • A new sunroom might not actually improve the re-sale value of your home. Other remodeling projects may result in a better ROI.


Lack of Privacy

  • A sunroom allows you to see outside, but can also allow others to see in. If your new sunroom will be overlooked by neighbors, consider long curtains. Floor-length drapes can also add luxury and elegance to your sunroom.


Energy Efficiency

  • A 3-season sunroom may be difficult to heat in winter, and is unlikely to be energy efficient.
  • It’s easier to control the temperature of a 4-season sunroom year round.


There are plenty of reasons to add a sun room to your home. Get in touch with Reliable Home Improvement today to get started.

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